How Can a Lease Purchase Help Me?

With lending guidelines tightening up, and a large number of houses on the market, it is going to take longer and longer to sell your house.

Our program is a great alternative to get cash flow coming in while the occupants are preparing for finance!

Problems sellers face:

  • Too many houses to compete with
  • Not enough buyers
  • Have to keep dropping sales price
  • Not much equity

Problems buyers face

  • Need to relocate quickly for job transfer
  • Lending Guidelines tightening up
  • Old or incorrect items on credit report
  • Not enough trade lines

How we solve it

  • We have a fairly small number of houses to choose from, often less than 50
  • We have a large number of people that can’t quite qualify for financing.
  • The price is set.  No need to keep dropping your price!
  • We have credit improvement in place.
  • We are affiliated with banks to help establish trade lines.
  • We have the financing in place.

You pay us nothing!  No commission!

Many of our lease option buyers are professionals with high income but are in a unique situation that makes a lease option a good choice.  In other cases, most people have credit scores between 560 and 620, but the lenders require a 620 or higher, which means you aren’t marketing to most people! One incorrect item can keep someone from buying your home!

Most issues that people have items on their report that they didn’t know about or thought had been corrected.  With our affiliate companies we work with them to get these items corrected..

Many people today don’t use credit due to the high rates and business practices of the credit card companies.  So they may only have a car payment to show as a trade line, but the lenders now require THREE trade lines, so we assist them in getting those trade lines.

            Many of the people that come to us for our program were turned down at the last minute for financing on a house, and need to address a couple of items, but they want to keep the kids in the school district and are serious about buying as soon as possible.  This is NOT a rental situation as they are simply making the payments directly to you while preparing for permanent financing on your home.

Here’s how it works:

The tenant/buyers are paying you rather than the bank, so the payments go directly to you.  It can even be set up electronically from their bank to yours.

While working on the financing, they are responsible for the repairs, and can get a warranty to cover any home repairs.

As soon as the items are resolved, they finance through one of our affiliate companies and you pay no commission.  

You never pay us!  You keep you equity and your cash flow each month!